Adopt a CHS family

Posted on November 20, 2008 by


Money is burning away in this economic crisis like never before. Hard times have been predicted and the foreseeable future seems embedded with recessions. The United States is trying to band together in an attempt to control the loss of value in the US dollar bill and to also help the less fortunate in a time when jobs are at a low. CHS has been a pillar of serving those that are down through food drives, donations with the Salvation Army, and now with a project based on in-school needs.

“We’re doing something separate from our food drive, it will be specific for kids who are four through eight and are siblings of Concord students.” Heather Bohn (Associate Principal’s Secretary) said. She and other leaders of the Key Club and Student Council are organizing the plan to accept donations of food, clothing, and toys. With the holidays approaching many families are requiring the basic necessities of life, as well as some form of fun or joy to last them through the entirety of this financial down time. To give a gift or food item, take the contribution to the main office where they are being accepted and given to younger children in necessity of such items.

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