Band Banquet

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Marking the end of the season, band members and staff got together on Tuesday night to reflect back on the past year. Dinner was held in the McCuen gym, and was then later followed by select senior speeches. These speeches were given by Liz Robbins (12), Cari McAfoos (12), Andy Ha (12), and Mia Rodriguez (12).

When asked how she felt about the season’s end, Rodriguez stated, “I’m really excited since this past year was a lot of fun. I’m leaving with a lot of good memories.”

The gym was filled with heartfelt emotion after a touching speech dedicated to Blake Varab by Rachelle Fox (12). An award was also presented to senior, Ha, who now has the distinction of being the first person to receive the award, in commemoration of Blake Varab. At the end of the presentation, everyone transferred to the BPAC for further Award exhibitions, and a video showing of the year’s past events of marching band.

Eduardo Alvarez (11) said, “It was a good season. We preformed our best at state, and I’m looking forward to next year.”

Putting forth a lot of effort during the season, the band members are ending the year satisfied.

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