Doctor Daniel

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Tyler Knudson- J-lab 140 Online Editor

Contrary to the belief that teachers don’t understand what it is like to be a student, Doctor Jenifer Daniel (science teacher) does. Daniel recently got her Doctorate, or PhD (doctor of philosophy), after attending college courses outside of her teaching job for the past five years. Unlike some teachers, Daniel did not change her work schedule or her prep period in order to accommodate her college courses.

“I kept my full teaching load, I just took classes at night and during the summer for the past 5 years,” said Daniel.

During this time frame, Daniel was reminded of how tough it is to be a student. Much like the students she teaches, Daniel had to learn to balance her school work with her job, family time, and social life. Daniel stated that this experience helps her relate to students more.

“I’m trying to show students that you keep learning all of your life,” Daniel commented.

Obviously such motivation comes from more than just the want of the honorary title of “Doctor”. Much like our honor students, Daniel’s motivation came from her thirst for knowledge and her desire to further her education. Wanting the biggest challenge she could find, Daniel decided that going back to college to get her PhD was the challenge she had been seeking.

“I wanted to pursue the biggest challenge that I could find. To push myself to be the best I could be at my profession,” stated Daniel.

Daniel’s Doctorate, or PhD, was in secondary education, with a specialty in curriculum and instruction. Daniel worked at CHS for four years before deciding to go back to college, where she spent the next five years juggling college papers with her teaching job. This is her ninth year of teaching at CHS, and hopefully her most memorable, as it is the year she has finally accomplished her long term goal, as shown by the sign outside of her door that now reads: Dr. Daniel.

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