Functional skills kids join for Christmas

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Dara Marquez

The pleasure and experience of a Christmas dance gives a new view to the holiday season. With beverages, food, and good music, this cherished annual tradition will be one to remember.

“Student Council provides us with lunch and a DJ,” Kim Chris, support services teacher, said. “The kids can also get their picture taken.”

Student Council is helping in preparation for the dance to allow students from the Functional Skills class to experience the joy of a Christmas tradition. They are responsible for providing the students from the class a wonderful and memorable event. The Student Council dance committee provides the attendants a meal, music and occasionally a dessert.

“We dress up,” Marvin Harris (10) said. “We dance with the girls.”

Students from this class are looking forward to a great day as they prepare themselves to share their Christmas spirit with each other. Not only will students from CHS relish the event, so will functional skills students from Wa-Nee, Goshen and Northridge schools. One of the preparations the students participate in is creating and sending their invitations to those from the same class in other schools.

“We will have approximately 50 students at the dance and 20 Student Council members,” Chris said.

Later today, from 11:00 A.M to 1:00 P.M, the students will be dancing and bonding with each other to make a new and memorable event. The class of Room 141 will be able to see that a good time can be spent with others during the Christmas season.

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