Teacher of the Week: Jim Routhier

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Tyler Knudson

Jim Routhier (Science)

Mr. Routhier bandaging a student.

Mr. Routhier bandaging a student.

How long have you been teaching?


Too long.

How long have you been an athletic trainer?

Approximately 34 years.

Which school activities are you involved in?

I’m the former head volleyball coach, which I did for 22 years. I’m currently an athletic trainer, which is a program I started approximately 34 years ago.

Any interesting experiences outside of teaching?

I got Staph infection in 2004. It’s scary when your arm is turning black and skin is falling off.

What hobbies are you fond of outside of school?

I like restoring old cars, traveling, and photography.

Which periods are most enjoyable for you to teach this trimester?

1st and 3rd periods are the most enjoyable to teach.

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