Recycling policy a hit

Posted on January 14, 2009 by


Javier Escovar- Guest writer

Last month, the student council recycling committee met with a waste recycling company to instate a three-month trial period with the school to see whether or not the company should enter into a contract with the school.

According to Nick Cocanower (12), the recycling has gone quite well. “We’ve filled up a whole dumpster in just this past month and are well on our way for a second.”

Every day the recycling committee has taken out one bag of recyclable waste which amounts to approximately 200 recyclables. With 200 recyclables a day being recycled, that amounts to around 4000 cans and bottles being recycled a month, which is shy of the recycling committee’s goal of 17000 they hoped to recycle. In addition, the school intends to implement a new “eco-phone” policy, which will ask students to bring in old cell phones and such. This policy is intended to help to reduce the nearly 30,000 tons of waste Americans go through every year.

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