Heard in the Halls

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Did you go see Christmas Spec? How was it compared to past years?

Ashley Steffensen (9)
“This is my first time with the band in Christmas Spec. There was more pressure being in it than watching it since you have a lot of people watching you.”

Andrea Bozzo (11)
“We were a lot more jumbled, but came on top in the end.”

Paige Stark (11)
“It was delightful.”

Kimberly Swain (12)
“I didn’t like it as much this year. The songs weren’t as fun, but my favorite song was Fernando’s solo.”

Abby Torok (12)
“It was really stressful with all the choirs. My parents liked it better than last year’s. I’m sad that this is my last Christmas Spec.”

Jackie Foy (English Teacher)
“It was good, but not as good as previous years. My husband and I both left saying it was good. The second half seemed shorter, and didn’t have any special songs.”

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