Review: The Day the Earth Stood Still

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Renee’ Wagner- Staff writer

Opening in first place December 15, The Day the Earth Stood Still has fallen to eighth within a few weeks. This sci-fi film is a remake of the 1951 classic. Because it is a remake, most viewers find themselves uncertain about seeing in, and wonder if it’s “just another alien movie.”
Unlike most “alien movies,” The Day the Earth Stood Still did not present the normal view of an alien, but rather a creature that looked human once it shed its skin. Along with the mass of energy that looked like a planetoid, which Klaatu (Keanu Reeves) traveled in, came a robot the size of skyscrapers. The robot was the protective device for Klaatu that could shut down all electrical objects with a scan of the area.
As the movie proceeds, the U.S. government takes Klaatu captive for questioning but ends up failing as he turns the lie detector on the technician. He then meets up with Helen Benson (Jennifer Connelly), the scientist told to sedate him, and explains the situation as they drive to meet a friend of Klaatu’s.
Toward the middle the viewers realize Klaatu is there to save Earth and has “magical powers” as Jacob Benson (Jaden Smith) said. In the end, Klaatu gives Earth a second chance after Helen and Jacob convince him that change is possible, with a few consequences.
The movie held my interest for the most part but in the end I thought of it as “just another alien movie.” This film displays different scenes and creatures but is like the others when it comes to the ending with the “unknown being” trying to destroy humans because we are killing the earth. I did, however, like the way the aliens were presented as well as the extermination of the human race which was practically turned into dust. The Day the Earth Stood Still is not one of my favorite films because of the lack of originality but it was not a complete waste of money, therefore, I give it a three.

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