School Board Meeting (Live updates) 1/20/09

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Tyler Knudson- Jlab 140 Online Editor

4:00- Potter’s Marathon certificates were to be handed out to those who participated.

4:01- Concord Live is found to be covering the first half of this meeting.

4:03- Call to Order: Roll call starts and special guests are recognized.

4:o6- Potter’s Marathon certificates get handed out a little late, but details are provided in terms of the event’s history.  Over $22,000 was raised. Since 1999, over 110,000 has been donated to Riley’s Children’s hospital.

4:23- Those who have other places to be are dismissed. (Brief intermission)

4:25- Number of Scholastic Art Fair awards beat the school’s record this year at Concord Junior High.

4:28- ICE is discussed, and Mr. Tahara gets recognized for his leadership role in the program.

4:30- National School Counselor of the Year: Marilyn Agee from Concord Community Schools won the Nationwide Award.

4:33-  Board reports from the community has dates that have been set. For more info. come to the next meeting. Dates are tentative at this time. Career Center will be included on the report by Principal Cunningham. District Improvement Plan will be a part of this report as well.

4:35- 2008 Investment Report: For the first time in a while, the head of this area of our school was here at the meeting. The interest didn’t quite make the amount that the board wanted. In fact, it is too low…(we have no money, but they’re trying to say this in an optimistic way).

4:40- Third House session will be soon.

4:40- Science Fair: Sat. Feb. 21

4:41- Board Policy is being reviewed. (Section 3000 is mainly covered and then a bunch of sub-sections like letter “I”.)

4:45- A debate about which media center employees are professionals develops among the board. (Some of them don’t have certificates.)

4:50- Healthy Lifestyles Initiatives: Health risk assessments for Concord employees will be taught at a meeting this week. (Have fun staff!)

4:55- Fall ISTEP+ Results

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