CHS is represented at Obama’s inauguration

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Shebrell Guider- Staff Writer

Obama’s supporters were willing to stand out in cold weather to give him the support he needed because it’s not every day one gets to see the first African American becoming president.

“I was lucky because I got the chance to be there, and I couldn’t believe I was actually there in D.C., watching our first African American President being sworn in,” Zech Williams (12) said.

Many people were so excited that they decided to stay for every event that day. They didn’t seem to care if the celebrations continued into the morning light, because they were there to support the person they voted for.

“Of course, I was a little more than excited because it was a really good inspiration and I’d do it all over again,” Williams said.

It wasn’t just the performance that touched people.
Most of the time it was what was said and how it was said that touched people in ways that can’t be explained. People who were there cherished what was said. “The part of Obama’s speech that I liked was when he said we can come together as one country and make it through the rough times no matter the color of your skin,” Williams said.

Even though not everyone could make it to the inauguration, many watched the entirety of it on TV.

“I didn’t stay for the parade. I actually watched the parade at the Washington National’s Ballpark in the Luxury Box,” Williams said.

People appreciated the fact that they could enjoy themselves, despite the crowded atmosphere. It was a time to celebrate and show that the new president would have support in the years to come.

“I definitely enjoyed it because it was an outstanding time and I will never forget it. I like Obama because he is a sign of hope and change, and I think that’s what our country needs in this rough time.”

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