Convo Review

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Renee’ Wagner- Staff Writer

An African drum beat is played out

An African drum beat is played out

Drums and dance go hand in hand with teens these days but they are not the only ones who enjoy a strong beat and wild moves. The members of the Bi-Okoto Drum and Dance Theatre also enjoy the beat of the drums and use body language to tell a story.

The start of the second performance was confusing which made most of the students wonder if there was a point to the convocation. Once they explained why they were dancing and introduced themselves I found the crowd’s attention shift to those on the stage. Although the start of the performance was shaky, the Bi-Okoto members pulled it together to produce a fun filled experience.

Unlike other convocations students were able to take part in the show creating a sort of attention getter in the middle. When the students learned the dance the crowd instantly came to life with clapping, whistling and yelling, but when the teachers were “tapped on the shoulder” and made their way to the stage the crowd went insane. I think this will be one of the most memorable convos CHS has seen in a while.

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