CHS takes a musical journey through Africa

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Dara Marquez- Staff Writer


Demonstrating that traveling through Africa can be possible in one day, CHS students and staff experienced and participated in cultural dances and music through the convocation.
“As a dancer, I enjoyed learning this new form of cultural dancing and the different rhythm made the dancing more entertaining,” Oriana Pacheco (12) said. “Our dancing, though, could not be compared with the teachers’.”
A cultural entrance caught the attention of students as the Bi-Okoto artists came out with a unique African rhythm. Throughout the convocation, the artists took CHS on a musical journey through Africa. The show launched off in Nigeria. Here, a different type of dancing was seen along with the dances “Kakilambe” from Guinea, “Sohu” from Togo and “Bolongo” from Ghana. To the amusement of classmates, students participated on the Kakilambe dance and were followed by the staff. Students reacted to the rhythm of the artists, and many seemed to enjoy the unique performance.
“I liked [the performers’] entrance.  It was interesting and new,” Ireri Perez (9) said. “I think that the different language and rhythm it was sung with gave us a new perspective on cultural music.”
The Bi-Okoto Drum and Dance Theatre visited CHS to share a heritage not often seen. This organization travels to 39 states in America, and are considered to be one of the finest African traditional dance companies. They tour internationally and were selected by the United States Armed Forces Entertainment for a military tour in Europe where seven of their artists performed for troops on American and United Nation bases, in honor of Black History Month.

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