Concord Singers bring jazz routine to ISSMA

Posted on March 6, 2009 by


Kayla Evans- Staff Writer

Tomorrow, the Concord Singers will head to Laporte High School to compete at ISSMA. This year marks the first that they will be competing with a jazz routine. The new style will provide new challenges as well as a different perspective.

“It will be interesting,” Callie Hartman (12) said.

ISSMA is not like other events the singers prepare for because there is the whole element of competition involved.

“Show choir is a lot different,” Hartman said. “It’s like going to a cheerleading competition. Everyone is cheering you on.”

Quinton Morton (12) reflected on some of the challenges of competition.

“It’s an unfamiliar environment and we don’t really know how the microphones are set up,” he said.

Though the singers face many challenges, they also have many strengths.

“When we try really hard, we’re really good and we dance well,” Stephanie Marsh (12) said. “It all comes together.”

Overall, though, many have hopes that the season will be promising and the choir hasn’t given anything up with the loss of last year’s seniors.

“We’re great. We have great juniors that have really stepped up this year,” Hartman said.

If you can’t make it to ISSMA this weekend, the singers have several other events throughout the spring, including Carnival on March 26.

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