Academic showdown

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Caytee Clark- Staff Writer

The Academic Super Bowl team participated in an invitational Monday night. Unfortunately, they failed to place in any of the five subjects of fine arts, social studies, mathematics, English, science and interdisciplinary knowledge.

This year, the subject is on “Norse Culture and Its Influence on the World,” making all the questions based on this theme.

“Science and math doesn’t really relate to the theme like the other subjects do,” Stephen Housman (10) said.

Housman stands alone on the science team this year with his coach, Amy West (science teacher).

“It’s better to be alone because you don’t have to second guess yourself,” Housman said, “but you have to remember everything you learned, so sometimes it’s harder.”

Housman expects that he will do much better in the next match because he was not fully prepared in this last competition.

“I did pretty well this round,” Housman said, “but I need to work harder.”

He explains that though being on the team is time consuming, it will benefit the participants in the end because the subjects and knowledge will come in handy in future educational pursuits.

“I’m going to major in math and science,” Housman said, “So being on the team will come in handy.”

The next Academic Super Bowl competition will be Monday at Wawasee, starting at 5:30 pm.

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