Musical kicks off with a bang

Posted on March 20, 2009 by


Kayla Evans- Staff Writer

For the past nine weeks, students in all grades have been working diligently to pull this year’s spring musical, “My Favorite Year,” together.

This year’s show is different than the musicals of the past because it encompasses a significantly larger cast of lead roles, which is good news for those new to the stage.

“This year’s show is more of a variety show that really highlights a lot of people and there are some really strong first-time performers,” Bruce Bordner (director) said.

First-time performers like Emily Rice (9), who never participated in junior high drama, are eager about the production.

“It’s pretty exciting to hear all the strong voices,” Rice said.

Because the students have been hard at work practicing four days a week since winter break, one of the consistent challenges for Bordner has been ensuring that the practice schedule conflicts with as few other activities as possible.

“Everyone is so busy,” he said. “Creating a schedule that works for everyone has been a struggle.”

Despite the time crunch, the students are progressing in their performance, and Bordner foresees everything coming together successfully in future shows over the weekend.

“When you put an audience in front of them, there’s something that happens,” he said.

With one performance already down, Logan Quigley (12) feels good about the performance.

“Tonight we need to remember to enjoy the show because that affects the entire feel,” he said.

If you missed the show last night, it will run through Saturday and student tickets cost $6.


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