Speech team heads to district, state

Posted on March 20, 2009 by


Jose Alvarez- Staff Writer

Dara Marquez (10) estimates she spends at least two hours each day rehearsing for her speech performance. On Saturday Marquez, along with the rest of the speech team, competed in sectionals where they placed third. There is no time to slack off for this team because they know that it demands commitment. That commitment, however, pays off in the future. “Being in the speech team takes a lot of responsibility, dedication and confidence,” Marquez said. “That’s why on a college application you can see the difference between someone who has been in speech and someone who hasn’t.”

The speech team consists of different categories, such as poetry, original oratory, original performance and memorized duos. On Saturday, Marquez will compete in memorized duo. Marquez, along with Haley Beer (11), will portray a children’s story titled “Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales.”

The group that competes in memorized events will travel to Plymouth High School Saturday to compete in District competition. Then, in two weeks, the speech team will travel to Indy, as a group, to compete at state.

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