Speech team previews over coffee

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Kayla Evans- Staff Writer

While many students were heading home for the evening, the speech and debate team was busy preparing to host their Coffee Talk Tuesday night. Though the team conducts other fundraisers throughout the year, this is the first time they have hosted Coffee Talk.

The team met after school to discuss how the event would run. With only a few hours until the scheduled presentation, state qualifiers were asked to cut their performances down to a two-to-three minute preview of their entire state speech, a great feat in itself.

The hardest part for some, though, was not condensing their work, but picking the right clip for the event.

“We’ve been working with our pieces all year, so we all really like them. It was more difficult picking the part that would get the most reaction from the audience,” Haley Kinsey (9) said.

The talk entailed coffee, as the name implies, as well as pie and an opportunity to preview the performances that will make their way to state competition tomorrow. Senior members were also specially introduced.

“This is the first time we’ve actually done more of an open performance,” coach Kim Nonnenmacher said.

Since speeches are usually conducted in front of judges and sometimes other competitors, many people are not able to really see what goes into the performances.

“People don’t really go to the meets so this gives them a chance to see what we’re doing,” Kinsey said.

However it was more nerve-wracking to perform in front of family and friends than judges for some of the students.

“I think it makes everyone a little more nervous to perform in front of people they know. When you perform in front of judges, you don’t have to worry because you’re never going to see them again,” Kinsey said.

While the talk provided a chance to glimpse the dedication many of the speech team members have put into their pieces this year, the main purpose of the event was to raise money for tomorrow’s trip.

“We made just over $200,” Nonnenmacher said.

Qualifiers will present their pieces at the state meet tomorrow in Indianapolis. The tournament will begin at 7 A.M.

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