New carpet among many priorities

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As the students rolled into CHS from the week long break, eyes peered down at the new change that had taken place; new carpets.
“I picked out the new carpets,” Dan Cunningham (principal) said, “because they [the squares] make it easier to replace if they get ruined.”
The new carpet that is squares with lines going in different directions help break up space in the hallway, according to Renee Cocanower (associate principal).
This new renovation will not be the only one.
“More renovations are to come,” Cunningham said, “depending on money sources.”
The next biggest task is to fix the leaky roof, which will [hopefully] be fixed this summer, according to Cunningham.
“We have a company already assigned [to fix the roof],” Cunningham said.
Other renovations include possibly taking the carpets out of the classrooms and putting tile instead.
“This makes the process of cleaning a lot easier,” Cunningham said. “If a student spills something, it’ll be easy to wipe up.”
According to Cunningham, a priority list was made about six years ago.
“We want to re-create this priority list to be more current,” Cunningham said. “It’s one of my many tasks within the next few weeks.”
The new carpet is better looking and doesn’t show stains as well as the old one, according to Cocanower.
“The replaced carpet was probably the most worn,” Cunningham said. “With the money we have, we make some replacements and repairs.”

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