Another election for CHS

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Jared Schooley- Copy Editor

The polls open for the second time this school year for CHS students as the first Student Council election in three years kicks off next week. Juniors contending for presidential and vice presidential offices, respectively, include running mates Joel Contreras and Corinda Thrapp and running mates Lowell Ritter and Jackie Jenkins.

It appears both duos wish to see progress made in enhancing communication between students and staff.

“Corinda and I would like to see better communication between students and faculty,” Contreras said, “and we want to be that bridge.”

Jenkins feels that remedying the lapse in communication will bolster student interest with the school’s activities.

“If we can deal with situations between students and staff and have better results, students will be more likely to get involved,” she said

Both teams also hold student participation in the school and community in high regard as well.

“We would like for students to be more actively interested in dances and activities here, so I think we need to appeal to all kinds of groups of students,” Ritter said.

Similarly, Contreras would like to see the CHS Student Council communicate with other local Student Councils in the hope for the sharing of productive ideas.

“This year, Warsaw went down for the state Student Council convention for the first time,” he said. “The area isn’t well represented. If we got together with Penn and other local schools, maybe we could make some big changes here.”

Thrapp believes that fresh, unconventional ideas are the secret to increased student involvement.

“A lot of people really liked the couch idea we came up with for homecoming, even though at first it sounded sort of crazy,” she said.

The contenders all agree, however, that changes cannot be affected by two officials alone.

“It’s your school, your senior year,” Jenkins said. “Give us ideas and options and it will help out the school.”

The election itself will be held in McCuen Gym during lunches next Thursday, April 23. Votes will be registered via computer, similarly to the mock elections. Only ninth- through eleventh-graders are eligible to vote.

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