Concord teacher conducts video game study

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Kayla Evans- Staff Writer

Students familiar with Wade Hertsel (math teacher) know that he likes video games, but what some people may not know is that as part of Hertsel’s exit project for his master’s degree at IUSB, he is conducting a research project in hopes of discovering how much of an impact violent video games have on teenagers. He will study the effect shooting games have on aggression.

“There is tons of literature on how video games affect aggression,” Hertsel said. “Some research says that some of this aggression can be subdued with greater parent involvement.”

Hertsel is trying to prove just that. He hopes to discover that children who feel more connected with their parents won’t be as prone to the aggression the video games may promote.

The survey includes questions about parent involvement and the types of video games students may play.

Despite the subject’s interest within the student body, Hertsel ran into a problem in his data collection and was forced to extend the deadline for surveys.

“The major problem is getting responses. You have to get signed consent,” he said.

Because the project does entail interviewing minors, Hertsel must receive a signed permission slip from the student’s parent or legal guardian. The biggest issue once Hertsel gathers enough interested parties is seeing the forms returned.

“I send [the forms] home, but they don’t always come back,” he said.

Hertsel would ideally like to get fifty surveys, but will settle for what he can get.

“If I can get twenty, that would be great,” he said.

Anyone still holding on to signed permission forms should remember to return them by today if they still wish to participate. Students will receive their surveys when they turn in their parent forms and the survey is expected to take

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