Current turmoil not a factor in Mexico trip

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Caytee Clark- Staff Writer

An ancient stone pyramid structure stands in the middle of a Mexican banyan and palm tree forest, surrounded by a moat hand-dug back in 100-250 A.D. Approximately twenty students have signed up to go and see this sight, among others, in 2010. Along with the Mayan ruins described above, they will travel to such locations as Mexico City, the Teotihuacán Pyramids and Cancún.

“We will have one chaperone for every six students that go,” Seth Molnar (social studies teacher) said.

The students will have the next year and a half for cultural education on Mexico.

“They will have history lessons,” Molnar said, “and they have to know basic Spanish.”

Most students signed up have already taken Spanish at CHS, according to Molnar.

“We’ll have [Eric] Haffner (Spanish teacher) along as a guide,” he said.

The trip will cost each student participating approximately $1,500.

However, several mission trips and smaller trips planned for Mexico have been canceled because of rising acts of violence in Mexico, according to, and colleges have warned students to avoid vacationing in Mexico.

The riots and drug-related violence are not a worry for the students participating in the 2010 Mexico trip, though.

“We go through a tour guide — Education First (EF) Tours,” Molnar said. “They wouldn’t let us go if they thought our lives would be in jeopardy.”

A lot of fears, according to Molnar, stem from too many tourists straying from where they are meant to be.

“We’re not going to be anywhere where we’re not supposed to be,” Molnar said, “so we’ll be completely safe.”

Molnar believes that there are no conflicts that should arise to stop the trip from running as planned.

“[I can’t wait] to see the Teotihuacán Pyramids and the Sun and the Moon Pyramids,” Molnar said. “They’ve been on my bucket list since I was a little boy.”

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