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Jose Alvarez- Staff Writer

Next year, students who believe that they can plagiarize, get caught and not face any consequences whatsoever will be in for a rude awakening. A group of teachers have recently teamed up to implement new rules in hopes of reducing the number of students who plagiarize by placing stiffer penalties on students who get caught cheating.

The teachers who volunteered to join, from different departments around CHS, hope to have the new rule up and running by next year. The purpose is for students to realize that there are consequences for plagiarizing instead of just getting the old “slap on the wrist.” For Layla Wirt (English teacher), however, punishing students for plagiarizing is not the objective she hopes to accomplish with this new rule.

“Along with the policy, we’re also trying to develop a way for students not to do it in the first place,” Wirt said.

However, like with most new rules, some controversy amongst teachers has brewed with this new rule on how to distinguish the difference between a student who intentionally plagiarized and a student who did not understand the assignment and did it in order to prevent failure. Some teachers disagree on whether or not there should be a grade consequence. Some teachers for example believe that students should automatically receive a zero on the assignment while other teachers think that the student should have the chance to redo the assignment.

“All the members [of the focus group] are more along the lines of showing them [the students] what they’ve done wrong and giving them the opportunity to correct it instead of just getting a zero on the assignment,” she said.

With this new rule, the hope is that teachers from every department will be able to track repeat offenders by using STI. Although the exact disciplinary actions that will be taken for a student getting caught are still tentative, they could range from getting a zero on the assignment to receiving a Wednesday school, or possibly suspension for repeat offenders.

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