Raising the quality of the CHS roof

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Concord has bettered itself by replacing the roof this summer. In May of last school year, City Roofing began repairing the school roof in sections like the CLR, activity center and the BPAC. During the summer, they worked on the academic wing. The school was in dire need of a new roof. Often during heavy rain, the ceiling would leak and create water stains. “Flat roof buildings are difficult to maintain so we’re hoping this solves the problem,” Renee’ Cocanower (assistant principal) said. As with all projects the new roof didn’t come without problems. For example, on Tuesday, August 11, the library had a very close encounter with one of these problems. “It started with ceiling tiles falling and water gushing down. [The problem began] by the door and then traveled to the far side of the main desk,” Rita Ritzler said (media center director). The rain trickled through the roof’s interior, finally finding the ceiling tiles in the library, main office, and parts of the commons. Administrators and teachers alike rushed to the wetted areas. “It was very cool to see everyone [at the school] work together as they went to the library,” Jeff Stutzman (English teacher) said, referring to Dan Cunningham (principal) and others who helped remove the water out of the affected areas. The waterlogged roof was expertly replaced before the approaching school year, and the damaged computers-seven in total-were dried and operational without any loss of school data. The library staff felt very grateful after the incident. “We truly appreciate all the help and assistance the library received. Moving the computers and furniture to the dryer areas saved much needed time. The roofing company performed beautiful as they quickly re-tiled the roof,” the library staff said. “As with any roofing project, it will take time for the sealing to finish,” Cocanower said. Cocanower anticipates for the roof to be finished this fall. Braxton Troyer, Sarah Mauser and Ashlee Brinckman Staff Writers

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