School spirit goes awry

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n incident at last Friday’s football game taught the senior class that there is such a thing as too much school spirit, as Nathan Newcomer (12) found out on the following Tuesday, after being called down to the office.

Last Friday, Newcomer, along with various other seniors, rallied behind a poster depicting Northwood players wearing Amish women’s clothing. While the students believed the poster to be innocent in nature, it violated school policy.

“The main problem with the poster is that it was singling out players on the other team,” Dave Preheim (athletic director) said.

Preheim explained that at CHS, students are not allowed to have the pictures or names of players from the other school on a poster, for fear of it offending the other team or singling out a player on the team.

However, the seniors believe they were being cheer block leaders for their team.

“It’s more about school spirit than offending anyone,” Stefan Donat (12) said.

Three seniors, Newcomer, Donat, and Jordan Haitsma, made the poster for the game and stood with a group of friends before and after the game with the poster in front of them.

Haitsma, the mastermind behind the poster design, claims that they only held up the poster before and after the game, not during the game.

“We didn’t intend to be rude or go after people. We just wanted to have fun about it,” Haitsma said.

Some Northwood players even seemed to have understood, as one of the players signed his name underneath his picture on the poster. Even so, Preheim explained that there are no exceptions, and administrators will continue to enforce the rule to promote good sportsmanship.

While no disciplinary action was taken against the three seniors, Newcomer was called down to the office as a warning.

Tyler Knudson- Staff writer

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