Students pray for Concord

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Braxton Troyer and Sarah Mauser- Staff writers

See You at the Pole has been a nationally organized occasion for more than 20 years, inspiring young learners to gather under the commonality of faith. he morning was alive with the voices of students, gathered for one purpose only, to worship together.

Wednesday, at sunrise, staff and students went to the flag pole outside the main entrance at 7:15 a.m. Sponsored by the Fellowship for Christian Athletes club, praying at the pole was a time for religious people to assemble in a giant circle and christen the new school year through prayer. But above prayer, the main goal was to focus on fellowship.

The dew-laden air was first filled with one sound, the collective singing of all those attending the annual event, and accompanying the songs were guitar chords strummed.

The songs sung were related to spiritual matters and tied into the focus of praying for leadership of nation, school and student body. They featured lines such as “Let all the earth rejoice,” “He wraps himself in light,” “You are worthy of all praise” and “For the joy of the Lord is our strength.” After singing the first song, “How Great is Our God,” three students read different Bible verses.

“It’s a time to ask for the safety of our staff and show our faith,” Daniel Eichorst (12) said.

Then students split into smaller groups of four or five individuals, and the minor groups went around the circle allowing all students to say a prayer.

“I like the opportunity to worship God and come together to pray for our school and community. We get to commit the school year to God,” Sarah Clark (11) said.

After each student spoke their own prayer, the assembly reconstructed the giant circle and sang “Holy is the Lord” to bring See You at the Pole to a closing note.

Sponsors were pleased with the large turn out, being 20 or so people, and hopefully next year’s See You at the Pole have more participants.

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