College Go!

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Dara Marquez- Staff Writer

Promoted hugging was seen through the junior and senior hallways during the week of October 12 to 16. It was announced that College GO! Week had begun for CHS.

“It was a week where the public and a few private Indiana universities opened up admissions for us to apply for free,” Juliet Barrett (12) said.

Students hurried to get applications completed and turned in as the week offered them the free application entries, but it wasn’t the only motivation to participate. Although students were limited to in-state colleges, the week was successful with the amount of entries according to the online website

“The more schools you apply to the better your chances of getting into one of your choice,” Barrett said. “It provides you with more options in case you ever choose to change your mind.”

There are about 30 to 40 application entries in a regular week for CHS, but during College GO! Week there were about 150. It was the first year for this program where the amount of entries could affect the admission offices, but because it helped many seniors and juniors to prepare for college it may continue.

“From what we have heard, it will be a reoccurring event [each] year,” Christa Shippy said.


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