Cross Country runs into regionals

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Sarah Mauser- Staff Writer

An athlete runs towards the people ahead of him, sweat dropping from his brow. He takes a deep breath in and runs faster, hoping to catch the people ahead of him. Suddenly another runner streaks past him, putting him back a place.

Last Saturday, the Boys Cross Country team ran at Ox Bow Park for regionals.

The team beat second place South Bend St. Joseph by 26 points and, for the first time, both qualified for semi-state and earned a first place title.

All seven varsity runners, Collin Chupp(10), Todd Dion (12), Jarred Fair (12), Alex Rodriquez (11), Brian Willoughby (12), Andrew Witkowski (12) and Daniel Zelaya (12) have all advanced on with a time under seventeen minutes.

“It’s an expectation that we would make it to semistate considering that we have made it the last two years,” Coach Jeff Payne said.

The boys will run hoping to do better than last year. The race will be at New Haven High School. It will be a 5K or a distance of 3.1 miles.

“At this point in the season, we reduce the number of miles that we run and increase the speed at which the runners run,” Payne said.

The team hopes to place well as they take on teams that they have competed against before and some teams they have not.

Other teams from the area that willl be advancing are South Bend St. Joseph, Northridge, Warsaw and Mishawaka.

“The two toughest teams [to run against] will be Huntington North and South Bend St. Joseph’s,” Payne said.


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