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Tyler Knudson- Jlab140 Online Editor and Copy Editor

Music blared within Lucas Oil Stadium, in Indianapolis, last Saturday as the Concord Marching Minutemen preformed in the ISSMA 2009 Marching Band State Finals. This year, the group managed to get 5th place, among the best bands in the state. Even so, the placing received mixed reactions from the band members.

“I feel like we did as best as we could, but I do believe we should have been placed higher,” Jeremy Tormey (12) said.

It certainly did not help that nerves were high, as the group stood in the airlock waiting to enter onto the football field of Lucas Oil Stadium, the current home of the Indianapolis Colts which was built with the annual ISSMA finals in mind. The architecture of the stadium amplifies any sounds made on the field so that the audience can hear, but when an individual instrument’s sound in being projected throughout the stadium, it can feel as if they are playing a solo all by themselves instead of being a part of a bigger group, and that is where faith that everyone is doing their own part is key for the success of the group.

Concord is known for coming up with a unique show theme each year. This year’s theme was Paris. From the music to the choreography, everything within the show was based around conveying a sense that one is within the country of France.

Despite placing higher than last year’s 7th place result, the group was really hoping to come out on top. For the Concord band, this means going all out, not just competing against the top competitors in the state, but competing against their own previous scores. The marching band expects nothing less than personal best. In other words, while it is nice to win, it is just as good to have made an improvement throughout the season.

“We wanted a better position in the ranks, but it’s still pretty good- being with the elite. We had a good show,” Chandra Whippen (11) said.


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