Art mural comes to completion

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Ashlee Brinkman and Braxton Troyer- Staff Writers

New to the cafeteria, is a mural project spanning years of hard work and dedication. It was created and completed by Brandon Kurtz (art teacher) and some of his various painting students. It has recently been completed and is mounted to the wall in the north eastern section of the lunch room.

Painted over a two year long period, the canvas holds meaning for many of Concord’s art students. The picture is simple, a street side view of a classic school bus sitting on a road next to a red brick building adjacent to a whitewashed steeple. Across the street a vibrant green and brown tree line and above this rests a bright blue, clouded sky. The entirety of the mural has been painted with acrylics on canvas, but what gave this group of young artists the inspiration to begin their piece?

“The mural did not have a real inspirational [inception], we started by having students sketch their ideas and then the [art] students voted on the one they liked the most.” Kurtz said.

The winning sketch was drawn by Chelsea Hamby (11).

“I love to draw, so I found a picture on the internet that I liked and decided to draw it,” Hamby said.

The group involved in choosing the mural subject was only a small painting club.

“Everyone was suppose to come up with an idea but only two of us actually did, and the [majority] liked mine,” Hamby said.

The collective effort of many students, two years and a lot of paint, comes to rest as a central point in the cafeteria for all to see.


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