Letter to the Editor- Technology safety (see The Minute page Oct 2009 issue)

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After reading the technology issue of “The Minute”, I realized there are a lot of things teens need to know about internet safety. Not too long ago, I read a “Washington Post” article that had some good tips about protecting your identity online.

In this article, the author talks about the dangers of putting too much information on Myspace or Facebook.

After reading that, I understand the benefits of making up a word that no one would think of as my password. For example, people tend to use their pet’s name as their password, without thinking about the consequences.

Thieves know that most people use this as their password and can hack into your page, stealing your information.

Second, you can approach stalkers without even knowing, they can come to you as just a random person online trying to get to know you, but in reality they are trying to get information out of you. It is not good to update your page every time you do something or go somewhere.

Third these online hackers can lie their way into your life and try to get your personal information. They can trick you into telling them all sorts of things that only your family members should know, and that is very dangerous.

-Shandra Chaula, a concerned student

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