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Jose Alvarez- Sports Editor

It happens every time.

No matter what year it is it seems that to advance deep into the football tournament, both Concord and Lowell must face-off. At stake this time will be the opportunity to advance to regionals. Both teams advanced in an impressive fashion: Lowell, by defeating South Bend Washington 24-7, while the Minutemen obliterated South Bend Riley 42-8.

I would love to say that I think Concord will come out on top; I would love to say that they will keep up with Lowell, but throughout the season Lowell has shown more mettle in the face of adversity.

Plus, Lowell managed to accomplish what the Minutemen failed to do, travel to Plymouth and knock off an impressive Rockies team at its peak.

On the other hand the Minutemen have been plagued throughout the season with an inability to close out games. Their most impressive win of the season was against Jimtown where they won 34-13. Then again they lost to teams like Northridge, in their homecoming game, and Warsaw. (Albeit Warsaw seems to have revived their season, after their win against Concord and surprisingly still find themselves alive in the tournament).

However, the Minutemen have likely benefited by the football pairings, placing in a more favorable spot. Their first game against Logansport, a team familiar to Concord, was mediocre at best. Last week they dismantled South Bend Riley, which went into the game with an abysmal record of 3-8, to Concord’s credit they took care of business quickly.

Traveling to Lowell, however, seems like a tall order to overcome.

An interesting trend, is that history will be on Concord’s side tonight because, since 2005, both have faced each other three times and each time, the away team has come out victorious. The most recent being in 2007-2008 season, when Lowell defeated Concord 31-21 at CHS.

This marks the first time since the 2007 season that Concord has advanced this far in the tournament. The last time a Concord team made it to regionals was back in 2006.That team, arguably one of the best in Concord’s history made it all the way to state and had a truly

Again just judging from the season, also from attending the majority of the games, it is apparent that the football team has not fared well in do-or-die moments. The Minutemen have managed to come through, only problem is it was against, at best, mediocre teams. Falling behind against Lowell could cost them their season causing it to come at an abrupt end.

The game will take place tonight at Lowell, with kick-off at 7:30.

effective offense that ranked among the best in the state. However, that team featured quarterback Bob Cira and running back Monty Marion. The 2006 team fittingly, also had to go through Lowell, coming out on top 33-14 in regionals.

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