Movie Preview: “Twilight: New Moon”

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Ashlee Brinkman and Abi Hodgeson- Staff writer
Sparkling vampires and buff werewolves, what is not to love about the soon to be released “New Moon”. The second edition to the “Twilight Saga” is to be released this Friday.

With the success of the first movie “Twilight”, it has lead to an increasing obsession. People (mostly girls) who have not even read the books have become fanatics. Although some are actually in love with the story and its plot, others have a strong attraction to the actors who play Edward Cullen [Rob Pattinson] and Jacob Black [Taylor Lautner].
Some are even to the point that they pre-ordered their tickets a month ago.

“I got mine a month ago [and] I’m super excited,” Audra Burtch (10) said.

To fill those in who may not be caught up with the “Twilight” world, “New Moon” is based around the three main characters Bella, Jacob and Edward, and how Edward makes an unexpected announcement that he is leaving. Bella slips into a deep depression and Jacob is there to console her.

Unless people are part of the crazed fan base and ordered their tickets months ahead, tickets will be hard to get. With the high demand for tickets, there is warning that tickets may be sold out opening and post opening day.

So be prepared.

Is the whole “Twilight” obsession worth going to see or put up with? Tune in next week for a Heard in the Halls on the “New Moon” movie.


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