Good deeds done around town

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Ashlee Brinkman- Staff writer

Many students go above and beyond to help others, spending hours of their free time to support charities.

Although any kind of help is a generous thing to do, some only do it because they are a part of a club, or need it for their college application. Others do it as a hobby.

“I do it for Key Club, and I would do more on my own if they didn’t offer [first]. I’m actually [bell] ringing on Friday,” Madison Freeze (12) said.

Key Club which, as some may know, requires members to do volunteer work. They help out all around the Elkhart area.

“In the last three months I have helped with Crystal Valley Church’s free garage sale, organized a warehouse of household items, and helped clean guidance ministries,” Freeze said.

If one is interested in helping people in the community a good start is joining clubs. The Key Club or NHS can always give students good ideas. If interested, be cautious, involved students need to know how to manage their schedule.

“I’m involved in a lot of other activities and it’s still easy to find time you just have to know how to plan your schedule,” Freeze said.

For those who get really involved and enjoy it, a thing to look forward to is helping on a wider scale.

“I’ve also done out of town missions where I help build and redo houses,” Freeze said.

While sitting at home this holiday season, consider signing up for bell ringing at the mall or around town.

Get involved.

“I do it all year and I would say that it really does make you feel good: helping other people,” Freeze said.

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