Concord doesn’t want to mix it up

Posted on February 11, 2010 by


Ashlee Brinckman – Staff writer

The mix it up day was a self made project created by the two seniors for their government class. Chloe Brookes (12) and Eric Wade (12) hoped to separate some of Concord’s groups.

“We hope to diversify Concord by giving them a chance to branch out,” Brookes said.

Students who participate will be given a budge pass to get into lunch quicker, and they will also receive candy for participating.

“Only a couple people have signed up but we hope by the end of tomorrow there will be a lot more,” Wade said.

Mix it up day was scheduled for this past Wednesday. Unfortunately, mix it up day here at the high school was canceled, due to the lack of students participating.

“We also did this at the Jr. High so it is like a little back up plan,” Brookes said.

With the plan for mix it up day not going through is it a sign that Concord is too scared to branch out?

“Im not scared to branch out, but I don’t feel the need to do it during lunch I really like all of the people I sit with, and would rather stay there,” Ciara Miller (10).

That may or may not be true for all students, maybe we will see a return of the mix it up day.

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