New year, new seasons

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Chuck (January 10, NBC)

Recap: Adorkable Chuck Bartowski’s brain contains all the information of the CIA and NSA, called the Intersect, which he “flashes” on when confronted with anything that refers to secrets in his mental archives. And now, thanks to Intersect 2.0, he also knows kung fu.

Review: NBC got the requisite exposition and let’s-talk-about-our-feelings episodes out of the way in a two-part season premiere on Sunday and the show was back to its goofy, lovable self on Monday at 8, its timeslot for the rest of the season. Chuck’s new talents do not seem to have changed the character or the show’s direction, thank merciful heavens.

LOST (February 2, ABC)

Recap: There’s an island. A plane crashed. Some people on it survived and proceeded to spend several years screwing up their romantic lives in front of all of America. Those who have not seen the first through fifth seasons should not start now, because they will be confused and annoy long-time fans with questions that have unbearably complicated answers.

Preview: This is the final season, so fans will actually get some answers. Whether or not the answers will be satisfactory and make sense is debatable – after all, it is a J.J. Abrams show.

24 (January 17, FOX)

Recap: Jack Bauer foils the plans of terrorists by breaking the rules and using non-existent chemicals to torture the truth out of people. Each episode runs in real time, including the commercial breaks.

Preview: “24” will have a two-day premiere on January 17 at 9 and January 18 at 8. Jack wants to move on with his life, but since this is a profitable television show for FOX, his plans will not work out and America will call him into action again.

Tori Fater – Staff writer

American Idol (January 12, FOX)

Recap: Paula Abdul is being replaced by Ellen Degeneres after the audition episodes, which will be co-judged by celebrity judges such as Neil Patrick Harris and Joe Jonas. Even diehard fans may have a tough time taking this season seriously. Still, the audition episodes are usually entertaining for people who enjoy watching untalented hopefuls crash and burn.

Review: “Idol” hopefuls, when buttering up Simon Cowell, call him “real”, not “sassy”. Kara DioGuardi will give out hugs anyway, but the next round is out of the question. For “Idol” fans, this episode was entertaining, but viewers new to the show probably will not watch the next episode based on this season premiere.