Valentine’s Day

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Abi Hodgson – Staff writer

To some Valentines Day is just a day to receive and send flowers or chocolate but for others like the student council here at CHS it is a way to raise money for kids in need. The proceeds of this years flower sales, subtracting the amount used to purchase the flowers, will be given directly to Riley Childrens Hospital. Not very many students are aware that they are supporting this local charity.

“I had no idea the money was donated to Rileys. If I had I probably would have purchased more flowers,” Sammie DeShone (10) said.

This is very surprising for some people because the school has been giving the profits of the flowers to Rileys every year since this all began.

If student council would have made it clear to everyone that this was an effort to help Rileys then even students that are anti Valentines Day may have participated and helped for the sake of donating to this charity.

“I don’t really like Valentine’s Day so I didn’t buy any flowers, but if I would have known the money was going to Rileys then I probably would have.” Sam Lutian (9) said.

This year all together about 500 flowers were purchased for Valentines Day this year, which is a good number fewer then last year. However according to Mrs. Bohn the student council only sold flowers for two days this year instead of the normal week.

The flowers will be delivered to first hour on the Thursday before Valentines Day.

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