JLab140 is the the place where staffers of the CHS Journalism Lab live and work and occasionally turn off their computers at the end of the day. This site is a bridge for the staff into a more articulated Web presence as we try to have new, fresh content that is not found in our print media. Visit our wiki pages for additional information about us and what we are doing.We hope you have enjoyed seeing the site and be sure to use the RSS feed to follow any updates.

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  1. A Concerned Observer

    January 29, 2008

    You The Media

    You are the reason why conflict arises. Your ability to hold an opinion determines whether or not you’ll find a place in this world of ours. This ability, in contrast to the person sitting next to you, is the sole reason for conflict in the workplace. It was once said that “opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.” Why do we hate each other for our opinions? Even if some people express their opinion in pompous ways, they still hold that right. The sole purpose of any business is to succeed, but how can you when personal feelings meddle with the work that must be done? That’s where the happy medium comes in. You may pour yourselves into a job because it is like your “child.” Especially the media industry—its sole purpose is to report the facts to the masses. “Journalism is the only profession explicitly protected by the U.S. Constitution, because journalists are supposed to be the check and balance on government. We’re supposed to be holding those in power accountable. We’re not supposed to be their megaphone. That’s what the corporate media have become.” This is what you all are supposed to be doing—holding those in power accountable. Within your staff, there are constantly power struggles over who is in charge of this and that—senseless time wasted you could be spending reporting. The necessity to prove to the world and the staff that you can be the best journalist you can be is not synonymous with trying to control everything involved in doing so. You have to prove to yourself that you are the best journalist you can be. Do not upset the chain of command in place—this is why it is there—to instill a sense of authority and responsibility. This is why the military functions so efficiently: because they do what they are told, without emotions getting involved, without time wasted. I urge you to not take everyone’s actions so personally and seriously and to make this activity enjoyable again for all of those who participate in it. Because it is your job to report to the masses and keep those in power in check. Find the medium between becoming a workaholic and becoming apathetic. Find the medium between what you know is best for the people and what is best for yourself. Do not take work too strenuously—you will not only hurt yourself but also your peers in the process.

  2. Thank you “A Concerned Observer” as you have shared with us some thoughts. We appreciate you taking the time in leaving us feedback on what we are attempting to do here in our little lab in a bigger world.


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